Hopyard Cheddar


We just got an outstanding new cheese from Oregon’s Rogue Creamery!

The creamery describes their genius creation as “an IPA malted milk shake with savory texture and buttery finish. The hop petals provide an herbaceous olfactory hit like the first notes from a freshly poured IPA. Then layers of sweet brown butter and hazelnuts with slightly old-fashioned buttermilk tones follow. The flavors are presented in reverse when tasting the sweet buttery tones followed by fresh and detailed floral hop flavors. The hops clusters are grown on Rogue’s farm. An American Original with boutique cheese cultures and organic vegetable enzymes set the vat. The vat is then cut, curds salted and rolled with hop blossom petals.”

The cheese melts well, and is also vegetarian and gluten free. It pairs great with bread or buttery crackers and with Saison Dupont beer!

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